3D EDITOR comes in three flavors:
Non-Commercial Free Version

Students Version

Commerical Version

Download Plugin Framework Update here

Download Plugins for 3D EDITOR 2 here

 Commercial Version

Commercial Setup:
3D Editor Commercial Setup.msi  (20 Mb) 
modified: December 10, 2004

You can try the commercial version for 15 days.
Commercial version featues
To continue using it 

The 3D Editor 2.0 Commercial Version is priced at 49 USD

3D Editor 2.0 c.zip
modified: June 09, 2005

 Students Version

Students Version Setup:
3D Editor Students Setup.msi (20 Mb) 
modified: December 10, 2004  new

The Students version has all the features of the Commercial 3D Editor 2.0, however it cannot be used for generating revenues.

You can try the student version for 15 days.
To continue using it 

The 3D Editor 2.0 Student Version is priced at 14 USD

3D Editor 2.0 s.zip
modified: June 09, 2005

 Free Version

Complete Setup:
3D Editor Setup.msi  (10.7 Mb) 
modified: December 13, 2003

Please note: to run the application you will need a 3DSTATE registration number, this can be obtained from www.3dstate.com for free!

If (and only if) you already have the above setup then you might only need to update the following files.
Please check the "modified" dates to determine if you need to update the files below!

Application - 3DEditor.zip (572 KB)
modified: December 31, 2003
World Viewer 3DViewer.zip (39.8 KB)
modified: March 21, 2004
Help - 3DEDITOR Help.chm (1.56 MB)
modified: December 31, 2003
VB runtime - MSVBVM60.ZIP (688 KB)
modified: September 30, 2003
3dstate3.dll - 3dstate3.zip (481 KB)
modified: November 02, 2003

3D Editor Plugin Framework Update

Download the updated 3D Editor Plugin Framework (PlgFrk.dll) here.
Modified: June 09, 2005


3D Editor Version 2 Plugins
Track2Pol: Download
Plugin Type: Toolbar Plugin.
Creates a polygon from a cyclic track.
If the track is concave, multiple polygons are created to fill the interior of the track.
Related Tutorial.

Switch Primary Secondary Bitmap
Plugin Type: Toolbar Plugin.
When a texture is applied to a group, it goes into the current channel. Also, the Texture Map Editor allows modifications of the texture coordinates in the current channel. By default the current channel is the primary channel. Use this tool to switch between the primary and secondary channels.

3DE Importer
Plugin Type: Import/Export plugin.
3D Editor file format importer.

3D Editor file exporter for 3D Studio Max 7
Features Supported:
Camera's, Lights (omni), Multi/Sub-Object Materials, Shapes (tracks), Vertex Normals, Vertex Colors, Texture Coordinates, Texture Tiling, Lights Maps.