Application Screenshot

User interface features:

  • Can display four views of the loaded scene simultaneously.
  • The views can be resized so that they use different sized areas of the screen.
  • The selected view can be quickly maximized or minimized.
  • Experts mode maximizes the screen area used for displaying views by hiding the toolbar and workspace.
  • Most recently opened files are queued in the file menu for quick access.
  • Selection list – for quickly and precisely selecting single/multiple objects.
  • Undo redo for almost all actions.

Interactivity features:

  • Panning – selected view is moved left, right, up and/or down.
  • Revolve – the scene camera can be made to revolve around the selected object. This makes it possible to view the object from every direction.
  • Zoom – the scene camera can be zoomed in and out.
  • The scene camera can also be moved in or out (towards/away from object). This is different from zooming wherein the camera stays stationary.
  • Rolling – the camera can be rotated along its viewing axis.
3D functionality:

  • Transform gizmo – helps in moving (or rotating or scaling) objects by restricting motion along the x, y or z axis.
  • Duplicate selected groups.
  • Align objects.
  • Atmospheric effect.
  • Zoom extents – this automatically moves the scene camera such that the image drawn of the 3d object selected utilizes maximum view area.
  • Selected object can also be centered in the current view without zoom in/out.
  • Wireframe mode.
  • Select hardware or software rendering.
  • Create primitives: Plane, Box, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Torus.
  • 2 sub object levels support. Point & Polygon modes.
  • Movement, rotation and scale transformation can be applied at object level as well as either of the 2 sub object levels.
  • Polygon sub object mode supports Flipping, Cutting, Extrusion and Beveling and of selected polygons.
  • Create Light Maps.
  • 2D Animations.
  • While creating 2d animations, you can add multiple bitmaps with a single selection.
  • Model Gallery.
  • Cameras and Lights can be moved and rotated just as groups in the scene.
  • Hide/Unhide objects.
  • Create and edit Tracks.
  • A texture coordinate editor is also provided. Selected polygons can be made to have planar map along the x, y or z axis or along their average normal.


The commercial version is further enhanced to support more features.

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